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South Asian/ Indian Baraat Weddings

Baraat with Bride and groom 2019.jpg

The bridegroom will look regal on our decorated pure white horse as he enters his wedding!

Ladyhawke, our beautiful white horse, is handled safely by Milk Money Acres Founder, Jeannyne McMillen, personally at all times to ensure the comfort and safety of the groom. She is able to handle large crowds, loud music, and chanting very well with her relaxed disposition.


From a variety of venues including the peaceful mountains, downtown Denver, and quiet suburbs, we can handle any environment and special location to make your wedding a memorable one. We are also available to travel to Wyoming and Montana.

Specializing in both traditional and contemporary Indian marriage ceremonies,

Ladyhawke and Jeannyne have experience with a variety of special ceremonies. Ladyhawke is specially trained and accustomed for drumming, dancing, large crowds and all colors.

In addition, there are also three authentic ensembles (from India) to choose from for Ladyhawke’s special look. Jeannyne will also wear traditional attire and have a beautifully decorated umbrella available to hold during the Baraat.


Contract, waivers and insurance are standard. 

Baraat Ensemble

Spring 2022 Blue Paisley.jpeg

Blue Paisley

Blue Paisley Ensemble.jpeg
Spring 2022 Gold Lotus.jpeg

 Lotus Flower

Gold Lotus.jpeg
Spring 2022 White swan.jpeg

Pearl Swan

White Swan Ensemble.jpeg
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