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Mission Statement


I provide a specialized equine service to the public; a Baraat Wedding horse. I do it for the animal lovers to learn about horses and the enjoyment I get from making someone happy. I like to think I am bringing the value of entertainment and the old west to the city.




Jeannyne has been a horse lover her entire life. Riding horses and ponies when she was 5 years and then 9yrs old participating in a very popular horseback riding organization in El Paso, TX called Poki Roni Ranch. There she learned how to ride, show and train horses through her instructor.  


Eventually like everyone that leaves the nest, she left El Paso to work in the administrative field in Colorado as well as raising her two girls as a single mom for many years.  She later was able to bring her only horse at the time from El Paso, Tx. to Colorado. When approached with the question “Do you give riding lessons?” this opened the door.  Once she realized that she could work with students and ones with injuries and special needs while also working with horses – she was hooked! OVer the years she met her husband and had another daughter. Since then she has acquired many horses and truly put work into her wedding horse business.

“It is wonderful how my life has evolved with horses. I never thought I would be a handler for baraat wedding horses but, now that I am, it really gives me a sense of self-worth. I love seeing the enjoyment in people’s faces and teaching them new things about horses. What is nice about horses is they are great listeners and never stop teaching us. I have been around horses for 39 years and still I am always learning something.”

Back in 2009 Jeannyne was surfing the Craigslist ads when she came upon a gentleman looking for a white horse for an Indian wedding. Interesting enough Jeannyne had a white female horse. The request of the ad intrigued her enough that she called the gentleman and asked "Please explain to me what is an Indian wedding?" Once the gentleman told her of the ceremony that goes along with this and what a white female horse is needed for she quickly volunteered for this. The first costume was created by Jeannyne since she didn't have a costume. Over the years, she and with the help of her family, has acquired 3 authentic costumes and an umbrella from India. Over the years she has trained her horses Star & Ladyhawk to be the main attractions for the baraat and Jupiter, & Blondie to be fill-ins when needed.

"I am truly blessed to be a part of these events. I take my work, training, and everything else I do VERY seriously. There is happiness from the Groom, Bride and family as well as the safety of everyone. There is also the care, professionalism and effort I present to every wedding to ensure success. This is the icing on the cake. You cannot get better than this for your wedding detail and you would be missing out if you did not have us. We are the best in the West."

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